politica ambientale italiana, politica agricola, normativa comunitaria agricoltura, rivista politica agricola internazionale, normativa agricola, polica agricola italiana

politica ambientale italiana, politica comunitaria agricola, normativa comunitaria agricoltura  
normativa ambientale, politica agricola, politica settore agricoltura
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rivista normativa agricola, normativa comunitaria agricola, normativa UE, politica agricola nazionale, politica agricola ambientale, norme agricoltura, norme comunitarie agricole, normativa ambientale italiana

International Agricultural Policy
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International Agricultural Policy

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International Agricultural Policy: Aims & Scope

The three-monthly review International Agricultural Policy aims to resume the scientific debate on various topics affecting the political choices in agriculture, with the purpose to facilitate the dialogue between operators and policy makers possible. With the publication of articles from Italian and foreign authors, the review wants to open the debate on an international scale. Furthermore the review keeps an eye to the news and is opened to articles from whom are involved into the setting-up and application of political choices. The scientific rigor of the written contributions, all subjected to anonymous referee, will take advantage of a continuous comparison with working experience inside specific section of the review.



Politica Agricola Internazionale - International Agricultural Policy


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